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Chess timer productivity trick

Now that I’ve gotten that last horse-choking philosophical blog post out of my system, I am turning my attention to other, offline writing projects. I’m sitting down to my desk this morning (actually writing at my desk, fully clothed and … Continue reading

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In which I announce the birth and death of Weird Studies

I’ve been writing a lot about drugs lately. I’m really not a drug guy, though. My own daily intake of drugs (not counting mandatory middle-aged-guy stuff like blood pressure medication) is 2 cups of strong coffee 1 beer (2 on … Continue reading

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The American Musicological Society

Despite the fact that Debbie begs me not to post anything else on this topic, I’m going to venture an explanation of the American Musicological Society (including my involvement with it), an academic group (or Learned Society) that originated in … Continue reading

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Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

I’ve spent the last couple of posts coming up with a kind of bloggy “apologia pro vita mea.” Here’s the first, which deals with online publishing and the academy; here’s the second, which is about how blogging, writing voice, and … Continue reading

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The voice

Last time I was writing (yet again) about blogging, or more generally about academic work published online, which we might or might not call “the digital humanities.” But DH is a bit of a red herring, as the question is … Continue reading

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Is this anything?

David Letterman used to do this bit called “Is This Anything.” Paul Schaffer would lead off a fanfare, the curtain would open and close on some weird act, and then Dave and Paul would decide whether it was anything. Mostly, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on writing the 600th Dial M post

According to the WordPress dashboard, this is the 600th Dial M post. Actually, I think we passed that point awhile ago: when I was migrating the old Typepad site to WordPress I took advantage of the opportunity to delete a … Continue reading

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