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We welcome your hatred!

My phone just told me that Dial M stats are booming. Huh. Thanks to vacation, beginning-of-year hubbub, and bronchitis, I haven’t written anything in ages. Well let’s see, where are all these pageviews coming from …. Oh, it’s Norman Lebrecht … Continue reading

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End of term!

For academics, April truly is the cruelest month. Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. But the term is done … almost. Whoo! I’ll write something soon.

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On Disparagement

“Ironic dismissal of passionate commitment to ideals is really just a more sophisticated way of being lazy.”  —Christopher J. Smith, Prof. of Music at Texas Tech, Director of the Vernacular Music Center, Balor of the Bouzouki Growing up in Sunnyvale, my wife’s favorite … Continue reading

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The Tattooed Academic

I’ve been in the United States now for 26 years, going on 27. That span of time has seen a lot of changes, large and small. A large one: a wholesale revision of mainstream American attitudes towards LGBTQ civil rights. A … Continue reading

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But had we ever really left?

The tumblr site *When in Musicology* had a really nice tribute in January, 2013 So, after some positioning and logistics: I’m delighted to announce that Phil and I are getting the band back together, so to speak.  In the … Continue reading

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The Dark Within The Dark

Jonathan Bellman At the beginning of my final year—quarter, actually: fall 1979—enrolled at UCSB, there appeared a green, hyper, talkative violist and composer, an odd mix of self-confidence and neurotic insecurity named Gregory Michael Amov.  For reasons never became clear, Greg … Continue reading

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Guidance, or Not

Jonathan Bellman Phil forwards me a letter from someone who thinks he would like to be a musicologist, and who desires guidance along this rocky road.  Do I want to take a crack at this?  Sure.  For protection of those … Continue reading

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