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Poppin’ and lockin’ and breakin’ and snifflin’

Phil Ford Hello everyone. This isn’t my real post-AMS post. I’m too damn sick and too buried in backlogged work to write a real post, so you’ll have to make do with drips and drabs. 1. Good news — Phil … Continue reading

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EMP CFP, etc.

Phil Ford In the news: it looks as if there’s a new musicology group blog. Like amusicology (which is based at Harvard), People Listen To It is based at a single institution, namely the University of Illinois, and is the … Continue reading

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The Bitter End

Phil Ford Another mixed-drink recipe: Mix whatever you have left in the liquor cabinet when you’re finishing packing up your kitchen. Shake and serve over ice. I call it: the Bitter End. In my situation yesterday, it was equal parts … Continue reading

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New musicology blog!

Phil Ford There’s a new musicology blog — a group blog of two Harvard grad students. Dial A for musicology, ladies and gentlemen, it’s amusicology! There are a few posts up now, and already it looks great. We need more … Continue reading

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It’s not that I’m not logorrheic but . . .

Richard Wattenbarger I'm waiting for someone to post a typology of bloggers.  I suppose that if I performed a Google search, I'd easily find such an animal.  In the mean time, though, I've observed that there are at least two … Continue reading

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Phil Ford I posted a few new non-music, non-academic links a few days ago, but then I changed my mind and de-linked them — too many categories and too many links, especially since I keep discovering (and adding) music links … Continue reading

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How Many Degrees of Separation?

Richard Wattenbarger Okay, here's something to try when you have no mental energy left and can hardly pull yourself away from your computer. Think of a favorite blog that doesn't appear on the blogroll on this page.  Then, choose a … Continue reading

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