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That’s how they getcha

Long story short: the principles of market competition, supposedly the root of competitive excellence in our society, in fact degrade and ruin most forms of human achievement. Most, that is, except those aimed at making money. I’m not the first … Continue reading

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Barbarism, part 2

I want you to imagine what it takes to be good at something. There’s a figure of 10000 hours being thrown around a lot these days — I think Malcolm Gladwell was the one who put it about that it … Continue reading

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Barbarism, part 1

Man, I’ve done a lot of stuff in recent weeks. But I’m not going to write about any of it. (One thing I did was see the Chicago Lyric’s new production of Parsifal, which was shattering and which I am … Continue reading

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Technologies of Experience

In response to my post on the Hand Experiment from last week, main dude and friend-of-the-blog Graham Larkin wrote, tongue presumably in cheek, that he “can’t wait to see what body part features in the next installment.” Well indeed, why … Continue reading

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The Hand Experiment

So I’ve promised to talk about what matters to me in the study of the arts. My fundamental idea here is a simple one: what we experience is always more than we can put into words. Place a hand on … Continue reading

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We are all hipsters now

Here is an extraordinary essay on my book. Elizabeth Newton, formerly a musicology student at IU and now at the CUNY graduate center, talked to me at length and edited some of my utterances (including some slightly insane ones) into … Continue reading

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Gabe Lubell: Studies in Light and Sound

Dr. Gabriel Lubell is probably a genius. I can’t be sure, since I don’t know if I’ve ever met a genius before, or how I would know if I did (do they wear special rings?), but I’m guessing that someone … Continue reading

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