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Conventional Wisdom: Classical Music Edition

This afternoon I had the pleasure of hearing our university’s early music group, the Ursa Consort, at a nearby church.  It was an all-Vivaldi program: two arias with excellent student soloists, “Winter” from Four Seasons (with flames and blue smoke … Continue reading

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Whole lotta magic

At the AMS annual meeting. My interests were represented.

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Art Pepper steps up

It’s the End-of-the-Academic-Year Death Spiral once again, and the chances of me writing anything very serious in the next few weeks are rather remote. So here’s a little something in the meantime: the conclusion of Art Pepper’s autobiography Straight Life, which … Continue reading

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Bars of the Cage I: quote-unquote “Irony”

So hey, I’m back. Long absences are just gonna happen. Sometimes it might be long absences punctuated by flurries of posting, when I think I have something to say. So, irony. Or “irony.” See what I did there? When you … Continue reading

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The Artist Plays God

Phil’s fascinating Near-Life Experience post brings to the fore one of the most valuable functions of Art: to focus immediate awareness, to intensify the vividness of not only a particular experience, but also of simply being.  My favorite expression of … Continue reading

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That’s how they getcha

Long story short: the principles of market competition, supposedly the root of competitive excellence in our society, in fact degrade and ruin most forms of human achievement. Most, that is, except those aimed at making money. I’m not the first … Continue reading

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Barbarism, part 2

I want you to imagine what it takes to be good at something. There’s a figure of 10000 hours being thrown around a lot these days — I think Malcolm Gladwell was the one who put it about that it … Continue reading

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