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The doctrine of performerly abnegation

If you spend much time around classical musicians, you will be very familiar with the idea that those who perform best, interpret least. Stick to the score and change nothing, not so much as an accent mark or slur. Don’t … Continue reading

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Pop Culture, the Classical Musician, and Everything

In his I’m Better Than You blogpost of July 8, Phil offered: My question is, who exactly constitutes the entity, this “well-meaning Women’s Club, it’s-on-us-to-civilize-our-New-World-savages approach”? Do we know these people? Who is engaging in this long-protracted act of culture shaming? … Continue reading

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The Maestro-Industrial Complex

Re. my last post, on the general inadvisability of copping a superior attitude (or “topping it the nob,” as Jack Aubrey would put it), a few thoughts: 1. In the comments, Bob posted the following apt quote from Richard Taruskin, … Continue reading

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