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Blogging and the Van Meegeren Syndrome

It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you. Without a strong rhyme to step to. Well, I’ve been teaching again after a semester’s sabbatical and working on a biggish piece of offline writing, so that’s been occupying my … Continue reading

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If you can’t trust yourself, trust the process

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Battlefield medicine

J. F. Martel, the author of Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice (a wonderful book about which more soon, I hope) sent out a tweet a few weeks ago: @JF_Martel @davidbmetcalfe Market-driven spirituality: the Romanization of “eastern spirituality” (starting … Continue reading

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Thoughts on writing the 600th Dial M post

According to the WordPress dashboard, this is the 600th Dial M post. Actually, I think we passed that point awhile ago: when I was migrating the old Typepad site to WordPress I took advantage of the opportunity to delete a … Continue reading

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Technologies of Experience

In response to my post on the Hand Experiment from last week, main dude and friend-of-the-blog Graham Larkin wrote, tongue presumably in cheek, that he “can’t wait to see what body part features in the next installment.” Well indeed, why … Continue reading

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Sound Editing Oscar

Jim Buhler JWB here: The New York Times published a nice article by Virginia Heffernan on the nominees for Academy Award in sound editing. The article opens with this evocative bit of writing on The Hurt Locker, which I agree … Continue reading

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All I Want For Chanuka

Jonathan Bellman Ever heard of Geoff Smith and his “fluid piano”? Dig this article and video.  Now, forget all the experimenting-with-eastern-scales-a-genuinely-new-world-awaits claptrap.  That’s as may be; I’ll leave that to the—um—visionaries.  I’ve got my bona fides, after all; I published an article on Raga … Continue reading

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