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I have been puzzling about how to react to Jonathan’s recent squall of fury. Long story short: I didn’t like it. I’m not going to get into the politics of the 2016 election, because as I’ve written elsewhere, I think … Continue reading

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Images from the Dark Land

America is a tune.  It must be sung together. —Gerald Stanley Lee Yeah; about that, Mr. Lee: it only works if it is sung together.  I’m thinking more of Johannes Ockeghem, who will be quoted at the end. It has … Continue reading

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Students write mean comments on and I’m all like

I was going to post something substantial today, but then I didn’t. I’ll put it up tomorrow.

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Whoa, Trigger!

More Higher Education than music per se for this one. Roughly two weeks ago, the New York Times ran an article on psychological triggers, trigger warnings, how this may affect the universities whose responsibility it is to expand our minds. … Continue reading

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Roads Not Traveled

One of the perquisites of the dozing, decrepit professorial alte kocker maturing academic consists of invitations to visit other institutions, perhaps to participate in a colloquium or give a lecture. Maybe the subject of your lecture is within your research … Continue reading

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Scaffolding and Structure

I have two weeks, so I write this counterpoint to Phil’s Coverage and Exploration post from behind the eight ball, in a sense, but am still tenaciously trying to work on summer projects, which is Virtuous.  Prep vs. research: Þe … Continue reading

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Coverage and exploration

It’s August, which means syllabus preparation. I have spent several fruitless days trying to wrestle a multi-tentacled blob of potential course content — films, pieces of music, music-historical and music-critical readings, etc. — into some kind of shape. Yesterday I had a … Continue reading

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