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Technologies of Experience

In response to my post on the Hand Experiment from last week, main dude and friend-of-the-blog Graham Larkin wrote, tongue presumably in cheek, that he “can’t wait to see what body part features in the next installment.” Well indeed, why … Continue reading

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Sound Editing Oscar

Jim Buhler JWB here: The New York Times published a nice article by Virginia Heffernan on the nominees for Academy Award in sound editing. The article opens with this evocative bit of writing on The Hurt Locker, which I agree … Continue reading

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Orality and literacy

Phil Ford So I ended my last post on sound/media/performance by wondering how the literate notion of a musical work would appear to someone who had never encountered written music. Or, to turn it around (and this is one problem … Continue reading

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Sound, Media, Performance

Phil Ford I’ve been gone. Sorry about that. About a year ago I was planning my first doctoral seminar at Indiana and ended up assigning these books: Philip Auslander, Liveness: Performance in a Mediatized Culture.  Theodore Gracyk, Rhythm and Noise: An Aesthetics … Continue reading

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A Pluto Transits the Canon

Jonathan Bellman Pluto’s demotion from Planet to Minor Planet has been worked over to death. (In fact, didn’t Phil’s first blog on Dial M reference Pluto’s unfortunate encounter with fortune’s wheel?) So I’m not going to talk about the real … Continue reading

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Brian Eno, Mr. Potato Head opera theater, etc.

Phil Ford There are some people who have a genius for awesomeness. This is not the same thing as being cool. Having a genius for awesomeness means that you have an unerring instinct for awesome ideas, for figuring out what … Continue reading

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All Music is Soundtrack music

Jonathan Bellman [Orig.: “Every Life is a Biography.” A & E network blurb for the TV show Biography.] A week ago our friend Eric had a gathering at his house to watch the films made by his 16-year-old son Connor, … Continue reading

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