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Romantic Power of Music, The

A forthcoming conference takes on the idea of public musicology: roles, responsibilities, possibilities. I’m unable to take on new projects now, but I’m all in favor because the ratio of informed discussion to glib pronouncement is, let’s say, not ideal. … Continue reading

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Song as Genome?

Jonathan Bellman A videorecording of a very interesting presentation, perhaps fifteen to twenty minutes, is to be found here.  Dutch evolutionary biologist —now working in England at Imperial University, London—Armand Le Roi discusses how he met Brian Eno at a party, and was … Continue reading

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Blinding Us With Science/Rant

Jonathan Bellman Friend Eric forwards a link to this Scottish study that purports to find correspondences between musical taste and personality characteristics. The short version: only fans of Indie and Rock/Heavy Metal have low self-esteem, fans of Blues, Jazz, Classical … Continue reading

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The Tone-Deaf Scientist Sings of Love

Jonathan Bellman I recently finished Steven Mithen’s provocative book, The Singing Neanderthals. Mithen speaks from the outset of his own musical incompetence: “I can neither sing in tune nor clap in rhythm. I am unable to play any musical instrument.” He … Continue reading

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He Blinded Us With Science!

Jonathan Bellman An article by Michael D. Lemonick on p. 57 of the 5 February 2007 issue of Time magazine is titled “The Geometry of Music,” with the subhead: “A composer has taken equations from string theory to explain why … Continue reading

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Topos Approach to Bach’s Music?

I don’t know if there are any other fans of the CBS TV show Numb3rs out there, but I and my family are devotees. There was an odd, throw-off sort of line in last Friday’s episode, in which something (in … Continue reading

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Pluto Busted to “Dwarf Planet”; Holst Vindicated

Richard Wattenbarger Although I'm no fan of Holst's The Planets (1914-1916, premiered 1920), I must confess to a certain amount of glee to learn that the International Astronomical Union has revoked Pluto's planetary status, thus restoring (at least temporarily) the … Continue reading

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