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What’s Polish for *scandale*?

Jonathan Bellman Krystian Zimerman, Polish superpianist, declared—before his final piece at a recital at Disney hall in Los Angeles on Sunday evening, April 26—that he was never coming back to the U.S.  Our military is trying to take over the world, etc. etc. … Continue reading

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Tales of Desperation

From the vaults of Parterre Box, a scary voicemail message left for (apparently) the director of a midwestern opera company. I’m going to hell for laughing at this. Really, there’s nothing funny about the desperation of young aspiring opera singers … Continue reading

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Music I don’t like

In a previous post, I expressed my dislike of Rachmaninoff’s music, especially the Second and Third Piano Concertos.  Tonight, I was reminded of another piece I can’t bear, César Franck’s Symphony.  In grad school, in fact, I came to refer … Continue reading

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Texas Prof Nabbed in Glenn Gould Shocker

My student Leanne sent me this news item: an Austin-area woman named Barbara Moore (described as a “college professor,” though the article does not say which college)* is on trial for stealing “photographs, books, compositions, audio and video recordings, letters … Continue reading

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