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Billy Joel, Piano Culture, and Rock’s Road Not Taken

Here is the paper I gave on October 8, 2016 at the wonderful Billy Joel conference organized at Colorado College by Ryan Bañagale and Josh Duchan, an exercise in Public Musicology that was a huge success by any measure.  One … Continue reading

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Billy Joel/Public Musicology Notice

Just a note to alert everyone to the Public Musicology conference that will be held today and tomorrow at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.  One of the goals of conference organizers Ryan Bañagale and Josh Duchan is to reach beyond … Continue reading

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Better Off Not Knowing?

It seems relevant, on a day when an important Republican operative defended the recitation of a plagiarized speech by the wife of the Republican candidate for President of the United States by saying it came from My Little Pony, to … Continue reading

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Hey Hey!

07 04 16 Hey Hey! Note: I’m in the middle of a summer that is not letting up—writing, editing, planning, traveling—and it’s going to go right up to the new semester (and probably into the next three years, I should … Continue reading

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Hello, or Thinking of Nico

Ryan Dohoney Greetings. I, like Michael, am new around these parts. Phil kindly asked me to contribute to Dial M on occasion and it’s a pleasure to be a more active part of a blog I’ve come to love. So … Continue reading

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Hooks, Ultimate

Jonathan Bellman A head's-up:  Steve Smith, a Philosophy/Religious Studies guy at Millsaps College, has a blog/chronicle/study of hooks, specifically hooks in rock songs.  Smith's project is off to a fine start, and while I admit that our definitions of "hook" … Continue reading

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Classical Pop

Jonathan Bellman Apologies for the lack of blogging.  It was an extremely active year, and the summer is continuing in the same vein—after the wonderful Hawaiian idyll, another trip to California, teaching a class, more book-related stuff, pre-concert lectures, and (to … Continue reading

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