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Chess timer productivity trick

Now that I’ve gotten that last horse-choking philosophical blog post out of my system, I am turning my attention to other, offline writing projects. I’m sitting down to my desk this morning (actually writing at my desk, fully clothed and … Continue reading

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CFP: Music and the Occult

I have been writing about magic a whole lot lately, and suddenly I feel like I’m seeing a whole lot of CFPs (calls for papers/proposals) on magical themes. Maybe there’s something magical in the air? Are academics finally getting hip … Continue reading

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[written in LA, posted several days later] I’m in Los Angeles right now. I got a grant from IU’s invaluable New Frontiers program to go to the Getty Research Institute for a couple of weeks and do research in the … Continue reading

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All I Want For Chanuka

Jonathan Bellman Ever heard of Geoff Smith and his “fluid piano”? Dig this article and video.  Now, forget all the experimenting-with-eastern-scales-a-genuinely-new-world-awaits claptrap.  That’s as may be; I’ll leave that to the—um—visionaries.  I’ve got my bona fides, after all; I published an article on Raga … Continue reading

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Where Angels Fear to Tread

Jonathan Bellman In several different blog posts I have chronicled the Mendelssohn/Moscheles reconstruction project, in which a collaboration with my friend Michael Cooper went from incomplete rediscovered but incomplete score to reconstruction to live premiere.  (This one links all the others.)  … Continue reading

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the aesthetics of politics, part XXVIII

Phil Ford Deepest respect and gratitude to Jonathan for the beautiful memorials he posted to his father. Deep bows of regard to Samuel Irving Bellman, whom we did not know, but whom we would have liked to. A random cranky … Continue reading

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Song as Genome?

Jonathan Bellman A videorecording of a very interesting presentation, perhaps fifteen to twenty minutes, is to be found here.  Dutch evolutionary biologist —now working in England at Imperial University, London—Armand Le Roi discusses how he met Brian Eno at a party, and was … Continue reading

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