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Billy Joel/Public Musicology Notice

Just a note to alert everyone to the Public Musicology conference that will be held today and tomorrow at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.  One of the goals of conference organizers Ryan Bañagale and Josh Duchan is to reach beyond … Continue reading

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Hey Hey!

07 04 16 Hey Hey! Note: I’m in the middle of a summer that is not letting up—writing, editing, planning, traveling—and it’s going to go right up to the new semester (and probably into the next three years, I should … Continue reading

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Prohibition culture

As I’ve mentioned already, I spent two weeks in Los Angeles towards the end of last year, doing research at the Getty Research Institute. This was the longest I’ve stayed in California since I lived there between 2003 and 2005, … Continue reading

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On Cultural Reclamation

Author’s Note: having now completed the most taxing semester in memory, I openly acknowledge that I have been a blogging failure in recent months. I apologize, though it was due to circumstances largely beyond my control, and intend to restore … Continue reading

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Near-life experience

Happy new year! This is how I partied on New Year’s Eve: Crashed out at 9:30 pm with my dog.* Not exactly Andrew WK. Man, Andrew WK. I could write a blog post about that guy: a pop metal Andy Kaufman … Continue reading

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Poppy Ott and the American Cultural Anxiety

One of the relatively gentle dissonances of growing up somewhat biculturally in the U.S. (in this case, with Jewish cultural values in an area where there were few other Jews) was the up-is-down relationship of home culture to majority culture.  … Continue reading

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Boy, Drummer, Little

Jonathan Bellman Friend Eric sends a link to this Lewis W. Thompson article about “The Little Drummer Boy,” originally from the Los Angeles Times and reprinted on Christmas Eve by the New York Times.  Thompson characterizes the little tune as one of the most … Continue reading

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