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“Humane” Letters

Let’s get right at it, then.  Phil writes: “[Jonathan’s] post indulges in the same tough-guy posturing and eliminationist rhetoric as right-wing rage radio. It is the very opposite of whatever is meant by ‘humane letters,’ dehumanizing the people it deals with and … Continue reading

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God save the queen!

In the past I’ve been known to spit tacks at things in American political life that irk me. Jonathan and I started Dial M ten years ago, as of August — somehow I missed the chance to congratulate myself on the … Continue reading

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Warp field

Ramsey Dukes (yes, him again) once wrote an essay on magic and charlatanism that sticks up, in a way, for charlatanism. Dukes points out that accusations of fraud and deceit have stuck to most of the big hitters of 20th-century … Continue reading

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And now, the Republican response to the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality . . .

As someone said on Twitter, it was a bad week for people who like to put people in their place. Which means it was a bad week for the Republican Party. Various conservatives, from Justice Scalia on down (and it … Continue reading

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מע טאר ניט (Me tor nit=Yiddish: “I dassn’t”)

Apologies for my long absence; all continues to be well and insanely busy in my life. Phil has been blogging like a champ, deep philosophical stuff, and I’ve been killing myself with projects, some of which may eventually be mentioned … Continue reading

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The Cold War Never Ended IV

  So to recap: I started off by saying that the Cold War never ended and just let that hang there for a while. I went on to consider the situation that the Cold War introduced to human affairs—the pervading awareness of … Continue reading

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The Cold War Never Ended III

So last time I wrote another installment of my “Cold War Never Ended” series and tried to unravel something of the weird collective psychology surrounding the Cold War. Norman Mailer covered much of this ground in his 1957 essay The White Negro, which … Continue reading

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