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Birth of the Weird

A few months ago, I announced that J.F. Martel and I are starting a podcast, Weird Studies. And now, at last, here it is! New episodes will be added soon, but for now we have two up: a half-hour intro … Continue reading

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Good prose is written by people who are not frightened

This summer has been, for me, the summer of Twin Peaks. I am a huge David Lynch fan from way back. Twin Peaks gives me all kinds of things I can write about, not least of which is my theory … Continue reading

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On John Crowley’s Chemical Wedding and the Switched On Pop podcast

I’m working on another long-winded blog post to follow up from the last one, but it will take me a while to think through it. So in the meantime I want to write about a couple of things about which … Continue reading

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