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Billy Joel, Piano Culture, and Rock’s Road Not Taken

Here is the paper I gave on October 8, 2016 at the wonderful Billy Joel conference organized at Colorado College by Ryan Bañagale and Josh Duchan, an exercise in Public Musicology that was a huge success by any measure.  One … Continue reading

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Billy Joel/Public Musicology Notice

Just a note to alert everyone to the Public Musicology conference that will be held today and tomorrow at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.  One of the goals of conference organizers Ryan Bañagale and Josh Duchan is to reach beyond … Continue reading

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I really should be practicing

My earliest piano lessons were intermittent and inconclusive: like an old lawnmower, I had to start it a few times before it caught. As a very small child (I hardly remember this at all) I took lessons from a little … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You a Story

Or four, or (really) seven. A Certain Young Man returned a couple of weeks ago from his summer internship in Washington, D. C. bearing gifts, including a recording of Chopin Ballades—plus three Nocturnes—by Nelson Goerner.  The recording was done in … Continue reading

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All I Want For Chanuka

Jonathan Bellman Ever heard of Geoff Smith and his “fluid piano”? Dig this article and video.  Now, forget all the experimenting-with-eastern-scales-a-genuinely-new-world-awaits claptrap.  That’s as may be; I’ll leave that to the—um—visionaries.  I’ve got my bona fides, after all; I published an article on Raga … Continue reading

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What’s Polish for *scandale*?

Jonathan Bellman Krystian Zimerman, Polish superpianist, declared—before his final piece at a recital at Disney hall in Los Angeles on Sunday evening, April 26—that he was never coming back to the U.S.  Our military is trying to take over the world, etc. etc. … Continue reading

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A Public Letter

Jonathan Bellman Joel Shapiro, my piano teacher at the University of Illinois (where I earned my M.M. in Piano Performance over a quarter-century ago), recently asked me what was special or interesting about my current project, the Fantasie und Variationen … Continue reading

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