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Time-binding and the music-history survey

There is an interesting concept popular among occult thinkers (no, that’s not a contradiction in terms) called “time-binding,” which comes from Alfred Korzybski’s theory of “general semantics.” It posits that human beings are unique among animals for their ability to create abstract … Continue reading

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The ontological turn

I. The Story So Far This is the last installment of a series on “Weird Studies.” Well, it ended up being about “Weird Studies.” It started off somewhere else entirely, on Frank Sinatra’s performance of Harold Arlen’s “One for My … Continue reading

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The weird and the naïve

In a post I wrote entirely too long ago (sorry), I imagined a new scholarly subfield called “Weird Studies,” which would presumably do for weirdos what Queer Studies has done for queer sexuality: formalize and fortify a marginal social identity by giving … Continue reading

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Mad studies

At AMS this year a friend told me about an academic subspecialty I hadn’t heard of before, “mad studies.”* Mad studies is the offspring of disability studies and seeks to draw the sting from invidious words like “mad” just as … Continue reading

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You dig? (some thoughts on participation)

In my next-to-last post, I ended up putting a certain amount of emphasis on the way blogging opens up a space for the writer to develop an individual voice — indeed, this is the reason the unique freedom of the … Continue reading

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A revival of weird thinking

  About a year ago, I started writing a series of posts I called “The Cold War Never Ended.” (Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4). The title was a riff on Philip K. Dick’s line, “the Empire never … Continue reading

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Here is yet another in an ever-lengthening sequence of posts on magic. Here are the previous installments: one, two, three, four, five, six. I’m almost done with this series, whose final post impends. Next time, I will loop this long, … Continue reading

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