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Thought is a performance

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The doctrine of performerly abnegation

If you spend much time around classical musicians, you will be very familiar with the idea that those who perform best, interpret least. Stick to the score and change nothing, not so much as an accent mark or slur. Don’t … Continue reading

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Romantic Power of Music, The

A forthcoming conference takes on the idea of public musicology: roles, responsibilities, possibilities. I’m unable to take on new projects now, but I’m all in favor because the ratio of informed discussion to glib pronouncement is, let’s say, not ideal. … Continue reading

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Hum me a few bars

A stupid joke for April Fools Day, in honor of my Dad, who knew a million of ’em: A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. There’s a piano player entertaining the clientele, and his gimmick is, he … Continue reading

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Near-life experience

Happy new year! This is how I partied on New Year’s Eve: Crashed out at 9:30 pm with my dog.* Not exactly Andrew WK. Man, Andrew WK. I could write a blog post about that guy: a pop metal Andy Kaufman … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You a Story

Or four, or (really) seven. A Certain Young Man returned a couple of weeks ago from his summer internship in Washington, D. C. bearing gifts, including a recording of Chopin Ballades—plus three Nocturnes—by Nelson Goerner.  The recording was done in … Continue reading

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Asteria in Boulder

Jonathan Bellman Imagine the Platonic Ideal of a performance of songs about Love—Love incarnated as a poetic idealization.  You might conceive of vocal lines sinuously interwoven with the kind of insouciance born only from total contrapuntal command.  You might imagine performers able … Continue reading

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