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Click Here for Gershwin

This year, the American Musicological Society’s national meeting was in Lou’vl, KY, and it has proven to be one of my favorite annual get-togethers: good program, papers, food, bourbon, networking, planning, socializing, jamming, even meetings…really, the whole lot. One of … Continue reading

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Universal Language?

My mother is in her late 80s, and does not remember every last pearl of wisdom she dropped on me when I was growing up, but I enjoy reminding her of the ones that stayed with me. I cannot remember … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You a Story

Or four, or (really) seven. A Certain Young Man returned a couple of weeks ago from his summer internship in Washington, D. C. bearing gifts, including a recording of Chopin Ballades—plus three Nocturnes—by Nelson Goerner.  The recording was done in … Continue reading

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Asteria in Boulder

Jonathan Bellman Imagine the Platonic Ideal of a performance of songs about Love—Love incarnated as a poetic idealization.  You might conceive of vocal lines sinuously interwoven with the kind of insouciance born only from total contrapuntal command.  You might imagine performers able … Continue reading

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Reactions to the Record II

Jonathan Bellman So I’m back from Stanford; this meeting was absolutely superb (the first one in April 2007, which I reported here, was also superb). I have to love the sort of meeting where someone  (Denis Hall, actually) can come up to me at … Continue reading

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A Fallacy Needing A Name

Jonathan Bellman Surely there must be a name for the logical fallacy of extrapolating a universal principle from one’s own personal experience.  I look in vain for one in David Hacket Fischer’s classic Historians’ Fallacies: Toward a Logic of Historical Thought (1970).  (This was … Continue reading

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“I Kissed A Girl (And I Liked It)” — tragic version

Phil Ford Composer, blogger, Dial M commenter, and patriot Galen Brown (of Sequenza 21 fame) contributed one of the best musical parodies ever last summer — his great Dvorak "My Humps" remix. (Sadly, it appears to have been taken down.) … Continue reading

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