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Exoticism and Racism and the Whole Damn Thing

Writing for the Atlantic group online (initially Quartz, “a digitally native news outlet launched by Atlantic Media in September 2012—it provides a 24/7 digital guide to the new global economy designed to serve business professionals who travel the world, are … Continue reading

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Brian Eno, Mr. Potato Head opera theater, etc.

Phil Ford There are some people who have a genius for awesomeness. This is not the same thing as being cool. Having a genius for awesomeness means that you have an unerring instinct for awesome ideas, for figuring out what … Continue reading

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A Brief Tale of Two Tannhäusers

Richard Wattenbarger I never have understood the enthusiasm that exists in some quarters for Sinopoli's recording of Tannhäuser.  Yeah, okay, you get Domingo and Salminen, but you also get Sinopoli.  His reading a rather stodgy, even tedious affair, wholly unsuitable to … Continue reading

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Idiom oddity

La Cieca has posted a recording of Renee Fleming singing “I Could Have Danced All Night.” Words fail. Even better is La Cieca’s remix. Enterprising folks can make their own. This is an especially funny (both ha-ha funny and funny … Continue reading

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Queen of the Night

This forwarded by a friend: a YouTube Clip of what appears to be a Vienna choirboy, perhaps eight years old, zipping through the “Queen of the Night” aria from Mozart’s Magic Flute. (I don’t know how to import the entire … Continue reading

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Götterdämmerung! Götterdämmerung! Götterdämmerung!

Phil Ford Is there any opera — indeed, any work of art in any medium — with a cooler title than Götterdämmerung? A craggy German compound noun bristling with umlauts is already apocalyptic, never mind the business of “gods” and … Continue reading

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Siegfried had it coming (The Ring, days 3-4)

Phil Ford We had a day off on Thursday and then heard Siegfried yesterday — mercifully an afternoon performance. After my nasty comments about Walkure‘s staging I should say at once that the staging of Siegfried was infinitely better, although oddly not all that different … Continue reading

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