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Only game in town

Phil Ford We interrupt this long blog silence to note with sadness the death of Michael Jackson. The best comment I've read on the subject comes from, no joke, Chris Onstad's Achewood comic.  Onstad sometimes has his cartoon cats and … Continue reading

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Yma Sumac died. And, uh, I guess something else happened . . .

Phil Ford What with all the excitement you might have missed the fact that Yma Sumac has died. And elsewhere in the news . . . well, I hardly have the words for it. So how about a cartoon?   … Continue reading

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Later style

Pundits sometimes argue that blogging becomes a kind of race to the bottom, because blogging creates an environment that encourages anonymous sniping, foments mindless controversy, discourages nuanced thought, and consequently turns normal people into blowhards and jerks. I like my … Continue reading

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Late Style

Soho the Dog is my favorite music blog. Matt Guerrieri has been serving up second helpings of Awesome Sauce with posts on polydactyl pianists, Leszek Kolakowski’s Main Currents of Marxism, and, most recently, musicians’ premature deaths, specifically Glenn Gould’s and … Continue reading

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I taught my 20th century music class this morning, talking about jazz improvisation in the late 1950s (Kind of Blue, The Shape of Jazz to Come), and how free improvisation in jazz (Archie Shepp) comes to be associated with radical … Continue reading

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Tom Binkley

Commenter CMS has left a nice story about Shinryu Suzuki Roshi and the early days of the San Francisco Zen Center in the comments section of my post about A. J. Ayer yesterday. (Comments have been good lately: my man … Continue reading

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In Praise of Andy de Grado

Phil Ford When I was on my Wagnerian pilgrimmage I read Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht’s In Praise of Athletic Beauty.* This is a marvellous, important book. Important to the humanities in general because it claims athletic performance as a topic of … Continue reading

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