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You want postmodern? I’ll give you postmodern.

Phil Ford So you wanna play rough, huh, Jonathan? By way of the fabulous UBUWEB, I give you David Soldier’s “American Most Unwanted Song.” I actually own this CD. An explanation: in the 1990s two Russian artists named Komar and … Continue reading

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Blogospherical miscellania

Phil Ford A quick tour of the musicoloblogosphere after teaching this morning turned up a couple of interesting things: the Joseph McCarthy Youtube clip at Phil Gentry’s blog, and, at Likely Impossibilities, another musicologradstudentblog, a mash-up of Syberberg’s film version … Continue reading

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Sexy Holidays To You!

Phil Ford This semester is OVAH! I’m sick unto death of music, musicology, and related matters, so I’m not planning on posting anything for a while. In the meantime, a few things: 1. Alex Ross linked to my post on … Continue reading

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Phil Ford I’m wasting time, and so are you. So, let’s talk about ugly/weird/inappropriate classical album covers. This blog post made me laugh. (Parts 2 and 3 here.) The best image is probably this one: Although “Tito Wayne Gacy” is … Continue reading

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I’m Buddy Rich when I fly off the handle

Phil Ford It’s Dial M’s birthday today. It’s been exactly one year since I put up the first post.  The Onion AV Club has a great feature this week: fifteen clips of crazy musician-audience banter. In some, like the one … Continue reading

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Better than the other way, but still

All musicians know that too much work is far better than too little. No argument; most of us have experienced the latter, and it’s no joke. That said, I need to vent: if things continue, I think parts will begin … Continue reading

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Best referral log query ever: “I hate pianists.” Don’t we all, honey.

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