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Time-binding and the music-history survey

There is an interesting concept popular among occult thinkers (no, that’s not a contradiction in terms) called “time-binding,” which comes from Alfred Korzybski’s theory of “general semantics.” It posits that human beings are unique among animals for their ability to create abstract … Continue reading

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I’m better than you

A response, of sorts, to Jonathan’s “Poppy Ott” post the other day. Particularly this line: We have far less trouble with the actual music and culture than we do with cultural spoon-feeding and implications that X is higher or better … Continue reading

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Pluto Busted to “Dwarf Planet”; Holst Vindicated

Richard Wattenbarger Although I'm no fan of Holst's The Planets (1914-1916, premiered 1920), I must confess to a certain amount of glee to learn that the International Astronomical Union has revoked Pluto's planetary status, thus restoring (at least temporarily) the … Continue reading

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Richard Wattenbarger I hate Ringtones. That is, I hate the fancy kind. In my day job, I work in an office full of cubicles.  If I'm not wearing earphones, I can hear most everything that people are saying all over … Continue reading

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