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Warp field

Ramsey Dukes (yes, him again) once wrote an essay on magic and charlatanism that sticks up, in a way, for charlatanism. Dukes points out that accusations of fraud and deceit have stuck to most of the big hitters of 20th-century … Continue reading

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Mad studies

At AMS this year a friend told me about an academic subspecialty I hadn’t heard of before, “mad studies.”* Mad studies is the offspring of disability studies and seeks to draw the sting from invidious words like “mad” just as … Continue reading

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What good news do you bring?

Warning: this post is very┬álong, rather serious, and takes a break from my ongoing series on Sun Ra’s Space is the Place. I will get back to that forthwith. But today, though, I want to write about something else, namely … Continue reading

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