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A Mozart Rediscovery and an Ethical Question

An incomplete C-Minor Kyrie by Mozart, known of but missing since 1936, has resurfaced and is going to be auctioned by Sotheby’s. Musicologists are, legitimately, barking at it like Fido at a tennis ball. A new Mozart manuscript? This is … Continue reading

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Where Angels Fear to Tread

Jonathan Bellman In several different blog posts I have chronicled the Mendelssohn/Moscheles reconstruction project, in which a collaboration with my friend Michael Cooper went from incomplete rediscovered but incomplete score to reconstruction to live premiere.  (This one links all the others.)  … Continue reading

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A Public Letter

Jonathan Bellman Joel Shapiro, my piano teacher at the University of Illinois (where I earned my M.M. in Piano Performance over a quarter-century ago), recently asked me what was special or interesting about my current project, the Fantasie und Variationen … Continue reading

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Jonathan Bellman One of my first blogs ruminated on the subject of the rediscovered fragment, the little piece of tertiary importance, the scrap of manuscript paper by a great composer and why such things mean so much to us.  A new Mozart … Continue reading

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