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“The magical turn”

Hey folks, sorry I’ve been a bit scarce on Dial M. Broke muh damn leg. Don’t want to write about that, though. I want to write about fads. If you’re in a band and are looking for a genre identity, you can … Continue reading

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The ontological turn

I. The Story So Far This is the last installment of a series on “Weird Studies.” Well, it ended up being about “Weird Studies.” It started off somewhere else entirely, on Frank Sinatra’s performance of Harold Arlen’s “One for My … Continue reading

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Deadline reminder: JMR special issue on music & the occult

A reminder: we are quickly approaching the deadline for submissions to the Journal of Musicological Research’s special issue on music and the occult. The deadline is September 15, or two weeks from tomorrow. The word count limit for papers is … Continue reading

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CFP: Music and the Occult

I have been writing about magic a whole lot lately, and suddenly I feel like I’m seeing a whole lot of CFPs (calls for papers/proposals) on magical themes. Maybe there’s something magical in the air? Are academics finally getting hip … Continue reading

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A revival of weird thinking

  About a year ago, I started writing a series of posts I called “The Cold War Never Ended.” (Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4). The title was a riff on Philip K. Dick’s line, “the Empire never … Continue reading

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Here is yet another in an ever-lengthening sequence of posts on magic. Here are the previous installments: one, two, three, four, five, six. I’m almost done with this series, whose final post impends. Next time, I will loop this long, … Continue reading

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In the last couple of months,* I have been trying to show that magic — or, as one musicological friend put it, “speculative metaphysics and prima facie bonkers-seeming ideas” —  is maybe not quite as bonkers as it might first … Continue reading

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