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The mental game: advice for campus interviews

Last Friday I gave a short talk at the “Preparing Future Faculty” conference that the IU sociology department puts on each year. I was one of three faculty who presented on the theme of “advice from a hiring perspective” for … Continue reading

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Tenuous Faculty Statistics

Academe, the magazine of the American Association of University Professors, has devoted this month’s issue to the problem of “tenuous” faculty—an umbrella term for those not on the tenure track: part-time faculty (or adjuncts), year-to-year faculty, or people on other … Continue reading

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That’s how they getcha

Long story short: the principles of market competition, supposedly the root of competitive excellence in our society, in fact degrade and ruin most forms of human achievement. Most, that is, except those aimed at making money. I’m not the first … Continue reading

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Barbarism, part 3

I wrote last time that I would come up with an example of a way in which applying the principles of market competition to the fields of art and the humanities is, in Peter Sloterdijk’s terms, conducive to barbarism. So here is … Continue reading

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Fish on academic freedom

Phil Ford My old student Eliot pointed out this op-ed by Stanley Fish. He's reviewing a book called "For the Common Good: Principles of American Academic Freedom" by Matthew Finkin and Robert Post. Their main point is that academic freedom … Continue reading

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Phil Ford Throughout the thrice-excellent seafaring novels of Patrick O’Brian, there is an expression the main protagonists, Aubrey and Maturin, commonly use to express their curiosity: “I am with child to know.” And we sometimes say that pregnant women are … Continue reading

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REALLY Being the Man

Jonathan Bellman To clarify, since Phil is understandably disinclined to put it this way: Getting a tenure-track job at Indiana University is something akin to winning the World Series. For those non-academic musicians among us (to borrow Kenneth Grahame’s formulation: … Continue reading

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