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Click Here for Gershwin

This year, the American Musicological Society’s national meeting was in Lou’vl, KY, and it has proven to be one of my favorite annual get-togethers: good program, papers, food, bourbon, networking, planning, socializing, jamming, even meetings…really, the whole lot. One of … Continue reading

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Art Pepper steps up

It’s the End-of-the-Academic-Year Death Spiral once again, and the chances of me writing anything very serious in the next few weeks are rather remote. So here’s a little something in the meantime: the conclusion of Art Pepper’s autobiography Straight Life, which … Continue reading

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Sun Ra vs. The Overseer, Round 1: Judgment

Where we ended up last time:  various commentators [have] compared Space is the Place to The Seventh Seal, where a medieval knight plays a similarly high-stakes chess game with Death. The chess game in The Seventh Seal is realized fully enough for chess fans to reconstruct it and comment … Continue reading

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The Alter-Destiny

  So I’ve been saying that the Cold War never ended. In the last of my four installments on this theme, I finally got to my point: it’s not the Cold War that has continued in some new form, but a force … Continue reading

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Happy birth of the cool day!

Phil Ford It’s Claude Thornhill’s birthday today. Friend of the blog and jazz radio hipster extraordinaire David Brent Johnson just turned out a Thornhill centenary episode on Night Lights, although David points out that it has just been discovered that … Continue reading

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Getz Postscript

Jonathan Bellman I decided to write my old friend Charles for more information about the piece Stan Getz played at Stanford, mentioned here.  He said: Re the piece for Stan, sure: Tenor Rhapsody, by William Thomas McKinley of the New England Conservatory.  His wife was … Continue reading

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Me and Stan Getz (and a Concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Orchestra)

Jonathan Bellman OK, Re-Pete: by popular demand, here is my one rather unfortunate connection with the late Stan Getz.  Late in my time at Stanford—I believe it was the last year of my doctorate, 1989–90—I got an eleventh-hour call from Charles Barber, a … Continue reading

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