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No one understands you, redux

Since 2006 (with time off now and then) I have been recording my thoughts here at Dial M. By now Jonathan and I have accumulated close to 700 posts at Dial M and at this point I have forgotten a … Continue reading

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In which I announce the birth and death of Weird Studies

I’ve been writing a lot about drugs lately. I’m really not a drug guy, though. My own daily intake of drugs (not counting mandatory middle-aged-guy stuff like blood pressure medication) is 2 cups of strong coffee 1 beer (2 on … Continue reading

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The American Musicological Society

Despite the fact that Debbie begs me not to post anything else on this topic, I’m going to venture an explanation of the American Musicological Society (including my involvement with it), an academic group (or Learned Society) that originated in … Continue reading

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Mad Studies and Advocacy

Phil’s testimony about depression (see his Mad Studies blogpost for the most recent example), like that of other friends, always impresses me because it’s so clear-eyed and brutally self-pitiless. It the Black Dog is to be found in my family, … Continue reading

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Mad studies

At AMS this year a friend told me about an academic subspecialty I hadn’t heard of before, “mad studies.”* Mad studies is the offspring of disability studies and seeks to draw the sting from invidious words like “mad” just as … Continue reading

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The Pinnacle

It seems only fair that, having vented my spleen on someone else’s extremely weak idea of what “elite” truly means, I offer a counterexample of my own. It is the practice among my tribe to cherish and honor scholarship, intelligence, … Continue reading

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Bars of the Cage II: For Amusement Only

So are academics condemned to go around clutching their brows in existential agony? No. For the most part, we don’t. Sure, there are some people who really commit to seeing the world as the so-called world, everything in quotation marks, … Continue reading

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