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The Artist Plays God

Phil’s fascinating Near-Life Experience post brings to the fore one of the most valuable functions of Art: to focus immediate awareness, to intensify the vividness of not only a particular experience, but also of simply being.  My favorite expression of … Continue reading

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Music is everywhere

Phil Ford God, this made me happy this morning: Thank you, Phil Gentry. Phil writes that musicology ought to have something to say about this, but he's not sure what it is.  It's like this, which Jonathan has posted already … Continue reading

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The moon had it coming

Phil Ford Jonathan’s post yesterday on l’affaire Zimerman contains one surreal detail — how Zimerman’s Steinway was destroyed by American officials after 9/11 because they thought the glue “smelled funny.” Which tells us something about the hysteria of the times. … Continue reading

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Phil Ford There's a product called Microsoft Songsmith. You sing something, and songsmith recognizes the pitches and generates a musical accompaniment for them. It's pretty accurate but makes some odd choices sometimes. You can specify what kind of accompaniment you … Continue reading

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I’m so hip I won’t even eat a square meal

Phil Ford David Foster Wallace — one of my favorite writers, one of the best modern American writers, someone who proved that there are still people around who want to write the great American novel and might even pull it … Continue reading

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Phil Ford I was going through my files at the end of last week, looking for a LeRoi Jones article from the hipster little magazine Kulchur, when I found this advertisement for The Evergreen Review, another hipster little mag. The … Continue reading

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“I Kissed A Girl (And I Liked It)” — tragic version

Phil Ford Composer, blogger, Dial M commenter, and patriot Galen Brown (of Sequenza 21 fame) contributed one of the best musical parodies ever last summer — his great Dvorak "My Humps" remix. (Sadly, it appears to have been taken down.) … Continue reading

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