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You dig? (some thoughts on participation)

In my next-to-last post, I ended up putting a certain amount of emphasis on the way blogging opens up a space for the writer to develop an individual voice — indeed, this is the reason the unique freedom of the … Continue reading

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The Cold War Never Ended III

So last time I wrote another installment of my “Cold War Never Ended” series and tried to unravel something of the weird collective psychology surrounding the Cold War. Norman Mailer covered much of this ground in his 1957 essay The White Negro, which … Continue reading

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Bars of the Cage I: quote-unquote “Irony”

So hey, I’m back. Long absences are just gonna happen. Sometimes it might be long absences punctuated by flurries of posting, when I think I have something to say. So, irony. Or “irony.” See what I did there? When you … Continue reading

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Technologies of Experience

In response to my post on the Hand Experiment from last week, main dude and friend-of-the-blog Graham Larkin wrote, tongue presumably in cheek, that he “can’t wait to see what body part features in the next installment.” Well indeed, why … Continue reading

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We are all hipsters now

Here is an extraordinary essay on my book. Elizabeth Newton, formerly a musicology student at IU and now at the CUNY graduate center, talked to me at length and edited some of my utterances (including some slightly insane ones) into … Continue reading

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IASPM interview on Dig

I am here posting a long interview — the result of a summer’s worth of back-and-forth emails between myself and my very sharp interlocutor, Marilou Polymeropoulou. Marilou is a doctoral student in ethnomusicology at Oxford and working on chip music, … Continue reading

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_Counterculture Colophon_ and the pleasures of real stuff

The first thing I wrote after finishing (completely, totally, and finally finishing) my book this summer was a review for the Los Angeles Review of Books of Loren Glass’s Counterculture Colophon: The Grove Press, the Evergreen Review, and the Incorporation of the Avant-Garde. Like my own … Continue reading

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