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Now I know my ABCs

Phil Ford Among the dumber ideas I’ve heard lately: Obama will “elevate” the culture (how do you do that, anyway? floatation?) to the point that black people will see through hiphop and its “thuggish violence, misogyny, clownish behavior and crude … Continue reading

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Yma Sumac died. And, uh, I guess something else happened . . .

Phil Ford What with all the excitement you might have missed the fact that Yma Sumac has died. And elsewhere in the news . . . well, I hardly have the words for it. So how about a cartoon?   … Continue reading

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Hiphop Friday: The Presidential Dance Battle

Phil Ford You’re not reading. I know. The presidential race is almost over and music, musicology, and related matters just isn’t commanding the same intensity as politics, politics, and more politics. Fine.   ***UPDATE*** Hiphop for Obama. (Hey, if thereminists … Continue reading

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Hiphop friday, Bert and Ernie edition

Phil Ford By way of Scott McLemee, some hiphop for your Friday: "Ante Up," by M.O.P.

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Another Hiphop Friday

Phil Ford Bowling with rappers: Some nice freestyles there. Enjoy. Brought to you by these guys, who are funny.

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Hiphop at Cornell University

Phil Ford I just got a press release from Cornell University Library which seems remarkable enough to pass along: The Cornell University Library (CUL) Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections has acquired a significant archive on the history of hip … Continue reading

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It’s hiphop, dammit

Phil Ford I'm a middle-aged white guy who's into hiphop. There aren't all that many of us. Oh, there's a few — look at Steinski! — but I've always thought that my own birth year (1969) marks some kind of … Continue reading

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