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Mad Studies and Advocacy

Phil’s testimony about depression (see his Mad Studies blogpost for the most recent example), like that of other friends, always impresses me because it’s so clear-eyed and brutally self-pitiless. It the Black Dog is to be found in my family, … Continue reading

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What good news do you bring?

Warning: this post is very long, rather serious, and takes a break from my ongoing series on Sun Ra’s Space is the Place. I will get back to that forthwith. But today, though, I want to write about something else, namely … Continue reading

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On Disparagement

“Ironic dismissal of passionate commitment to ideals is really just a more sophisticated way of being lazy.”  —Christopher J. Smith, Prof. of Music at Texas Tech, Director of the Vernacular Music Center, Balor of the Bouzouki Growing up in Sunnyvale, my wife’s favorite … Continue reading

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Exoticism and Racism and the Whole Damn Thing

Writing for the Atlantic group online (initially Quartz, “a digitally native news outlet launched by Atlantic Media in September 2012—it provides a 24/7 digital guide to the new global economy designed to serve business professionals who travel the world, are … Continue reading

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Whoa, Trigger!

More Higher Education than music per se for this one. Roughly two weeks ago, the New York Times ran an article on psychological triggers, trigger warnings, how this may affect the universities whose responsibility it is to expand our minds. … Continue reading

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A Mozart Rediscovery and an Ethical Question

An incomplete C-Minor Kyrie by Mozart, known of but missing since 1936, has resurfaced and is going to be auctioned by Sotheby’s. Musicologists are, legitimately, barking at it like Fido at a tennis ball. A new Mozart manuscript? This is … Continue reading

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