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06 29 18 All Hands

Today (or yesterday, now) there was yet another shooting, this one at a newspaper office in Annapolis, MD, by a terminally angry, misogynistic stalker white guy with a gun who nursed a grudge against the paper. Five newspaper employees at … Continue reading

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It’s been a while since Jonathan and I got into a scrap on Dial M. I kind of missed it. Whatever else may be said about Jonathan, he’s a fighter, and I like that about him. A couple of people … Continue reading

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“Humane” Letters

Let’s get right at it, then.  Phil writes: “[Jonathan’s] post indulges in the same tough-guy posturing and eliminationist rhetoric as right-wing rage radio. It is the very opposite of whatever is meant by ‘humane letters,’ dehumanizing the people it deals with and … Continue reading

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Better Off Not Knowing?

It seems relevant, on a day when an important Republican operative defended the recitation of a plagiarized speech by the wife of the Republican candidate for President of the United States by saying it came from My Little Pony, to … Continue reading

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Warp field

Ramsey Dukes (yes, him again) once wrote an essay on magic and charlatanism that sticks up, in a way, for charlatanism. Dukes points out that accusations of fraud and deceit have stuck to most of the big hitters of 20th-century … Continue reading

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The American Musicological Society

Despite the fact that Debbie begs me not to post anything else on this topic, I’m going to venture an explanation of the American Musicological Society (including my involvement with it), an academic group (or Learned Society) that originated in … Continue reading

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Don’t be a poltroon

And finally, to bring my thoughts about blogging to some kind of temporary conclusion (and then I promise to shut up about it for a while), I will present you with a cartoon that sums up my feelings on the … Continue reading

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