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As I’ve written before, one of the general ideas that holds the greatest allure for me is the discovery of long-unheard music and musical practices, of hearing again what is generally agreed to have disappeared and been forgotten, and of … Continue reading

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Asteria in Boulder

Jonathan Bellman Imagine the Platonic Ideal of a performance of songs about Love—Love incarnated as a poetic idealization.  You might conceive of vocal lines sinuously interwoven with the kind of insouciance born only from total contrapuntal command.  You might imagine performers able … Continue reading

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The Original Instrument

Jonathan Bellman I suppose this is what I deserve for studying performance practices, and what you deserve for reading a blog by professors. A student found an old recording of the Schubert Arpeggione Sonata (arpeggione, which is a bowed guitar—also … Continue reading

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Tudor String Music: [Your Subtitle Here]

I just don’t trust myself. Here’s the matter at hand: From the Forward, a friend forwards a story about Jewish musicians in the Renaissance. Recent research by Roger Prior (though the articles I found were in the Journal of the … Continue reading

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Tom Binkley

Commenter CMS has left a nice story about Shinryu Suzuki Roshi and the early days of the San Francisco Zen Center in the comments section of my post about A. J. Ayer yesterday. (Comments have been good lately: my man … Continue reading

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On Intercepting a Love Letter; or, Semper Dowland, Semper Dollens, Semper Sting

Reading others’ love letters is, for me, an uncomfortable experience. The passion and commitment may be heartfelt, the intended recipient likewise full of ardor, and yet…well, get a room! I’d rather not be part of this, willing or unwilling, I … Continue reading

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