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I’m Back, Baby

Still back in the game like Jack Lalanne . . .

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Philly AMS breakdown

Phil Ford So I’m back from the annual American Musicological Society meeting. As usual I feel like I lived about 3 weeks in 4 days, so where to begin? Maybe with a song.

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Two Weeks

Phil Ford Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks" has been the Song of the Summer for me. I bought Veckatimest earlier this summer on the suggestion of John Howland and Andrew Flory, with whom I did a very fun and satisfying panel … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Kim!

Phil Ford Nice ring!

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Now I know my ABCs

Phil Ford Among the dumber ideas I’ve heard lately: Obama will “elevate” the culture (how do you do that, anyway? floatation?) to the point that black people will see through hiphop and its “thuggish violence, misogyny, clownish behavior and crude … Continue reading

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Phil Ford I was on vacation last week (hence my spotty posting to Dial M) but went back to school yesterday — time to get my courses in order for the fall. I stopped by the mailroom and was greeted … Continue reading

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Friday happy song

Phil Ford My graduate students are handing in their seminar papers today, and are no doubt suffering. And it's the last week of class for a lot of schools (Indiana ends a little early), so there's a whole lot of … Continue reading

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