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No Better Than He Should Be

Those interested in contemporary concert and art performance may subscribe, for better or worse, to Norman Lebrecht’s blog Slipped Disc.  Lebrecht was a music journalist for a time, and has written plenty of books, fiction and non-fiction.  His first novel … Continue reading

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The doctrine of performerly abnegation

If you spend much time around classical musicians, you will be very familiar with the idea that those who perform best, interpret least. Stick to the score and change nothing, not so much as an accent mark or slur. Don’t … Continue reading

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Exoticism and Racism and the Whole Damn Thing

Writing for the Atlantic group online (initially Quartz, “a digitally native news outlet launched by Atlantic Media in September 2012—it provides a 24/7 digital guide to the new global economy designed to serve business professionals who travel the world, are … Continue reading

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Universal Language?

My mother is in her late 80s, and does not remember every last pearl of wisdom she dropped on me when I was growing up, but I enjoy reminding her of the ones that stayed with me. I cannot remember … Continue reading

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A Visit to Vail, With Some Thoughts on Light Music

This past weekend, we enjoyed a lovely couple of evenings in Vail, CO; I gave a pre-concert talk before the New York Philharmonic performance Saturday night at the Bravo! Vail festival, and we were able to attend Sunday night as … Continue reading

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