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Brian Eno, Mr. Potato Head opera theater, etc.

Phil Ford There are some people who have a genius for awesomeness. This is not the same thing as being cool. Having a genius for awesomeness means that you have an unerring instinct for awesome ideas, for figuring out what … Continue reading

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History in its underwear

Phil Ford Barnet Bound has a good post in response to my own from a few days ago. In the first part he thinks a bit about how parallelistic thinking* is still valuable despite whatever may be said against it, … Continue reading

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The Architecture of Containment: Towards a Marcusan Hermeneutics of the House We Just Bought

Phil Ford I’m back. And we bought a house! Behold: It’s a ranch built in 1954, the year of the McCarthy-Army hearings, where Tailgunner Joe finally overreached and imploded. And as you can clearly see, the logic of the McCarthy … Continue reading

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(title redacted)

Phil Ford Alex Ross Justin Davidson* writes a post about architectural trend of refitting massive old grungy industrial-era buildings and turning them into art galleries and concert halls and such. The classic exemplar of this approach is the Tate Modern … Continue reading

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