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AMS annual meeting blog post, the “I’m not going” edition

It turns out that I’m not going to AMS Vancouver. My leg is healing, but not miraculously, and while I might be able to handle the actual travel to Vancouver — it would be fun to be one of those people who gets … Continue reading

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On John Crowley’s Chemical Wedding and the Switched On Pop podcast

I’m working on another long-winded blog post to follow up from the last one, but it will take me a while to think through it. So in the meantime I want to write about a couple of things about which … Continue reading

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Hum me a few bars

A stupid joke for April Fools Day, in honor of my Dad, who knew a million of ’em: A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. There’s a piano player entertaining the clientele, and his gimmick is, he … Continue reading

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Barbarism, part 1

Man, I’ve done a lot of stuff in recent weeks. But I’m not going to write about any of it. (One thing I did was see the Chicago Lyric’s new production of Parsifal, which was shattering and which I am … Continue reading

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IASPM interview on Dig

I am here posting a long interview — the result of a summer’s worth of back-and-forth emails between myself and my very sharp interlocutor, Marilou Polymeropoulou. Marilou is a doctoral student in ethnomusicology at Oxford and working on chip music, … Continue reading

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_Counterculture Colophon_ and the pleasures of real stuff

The first thing I wrote after finishing (completely, totally, and finally finishing) my book this summer was a review for the Los Angeles Review of Books of Loren Glass’s Counterculture Colophon: The Grove Press, the Evergreen Review, and the Incorporation of the Avant-Garde. Like my own … Continue reading

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Author Don’t Preach

I like Michael Chabon, generally.  The Yiddish Policemen’s Union—my favorite, far and away—has a blisteringly vivid and authentic tone and trajectory, and one of the things I’ll be grieving this Yom Kippur is the Coen Brothers’ eventual decision not to … Continue reading

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