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[written in LA, posted several days later] I’m in Los Angeles right now. I got a grant from IU’s invaluable New Frontiers program to go to the Getty Research Institute for a couple of weeks and do research in the … Continue reading

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The Alter-Destiny

  So I’ve been saying that the Cold War never ended. In the last of my four installments on this theme, I finally got to my point: it’s not the Cold War that has continued in some new form, but a force … Continue reading

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Near-life experience

Happy new year! This is how I partied on New Year’s Eve: Crashed out at 9:30 pm with my dog.* Not exactly Andrew WK. Man, Andrew WK. I could write a blog post about that guy: a pop metal Andy Kaufman … Continue reading

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Fast and Loose

There is, it has long seemed to me, a taboo of politesse.  We curse various cultural phenomena, such as corporatism (in its pop-culture incarnations, such as will shortly become evident), cultural know-nothingism, misplaced no-taxes-no-“frills” educational policy.  We deplore all of … Continue reading

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The moving soundscape meditation

Phil Ford Lyle Sanford just added a wonderful quote from Daniel Goleman’s Vital Lies, Simple Truths to my last post: The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that … Continue reading

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Hello, or Thinking of Nico

Ryan Dohoney Greetings. I, like Michael, am new around these parts. Phil kindly asked me to contribute to Dial M on occasion and it’s a pleasure to be a more active part of a blog I’ve come to love. So … Continue reading

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Institutional bacon

Phil Ford Biking in to work this morning before sunrise, zipping past frat houses just beginning to stir, I catch a whiff of something that catches me a sledgehammer blow of reminiscence and nostalgia  — the smell of what can … Continue reading

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