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On Cultural Reclamation

Author’s Note: having now completed the most taxing semester in memory, I openly acknowledge that I have been a blogging failure in recent months. I apologize, though it was due to circumstances largely beyond my control, and intend to restore … Continue reading

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_Counterculture Colophon_ and the pleasures of real stuff

The first thing I wrote after finishing (completely, totally, and finally finishing) my book this summer was a review for the Los Angeles Review of Books of Loren Glass’s Counterculture Colophon: The Grove Press, the Evergreen Review, and the Incorporation of the Avant-Garde. Like my own … Continue reading

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Pop Culture, the Classical Musician, and Everything

In his I’m Better Than You blogpost of July 8, Phil offered: My question is, who exactly constitutes the entity, this “well-meaning Women’s Club, it’s-on-us-to-civilize-our-New-World-savages approach”? Do we know these people? Who is engaging in this long-protracted act of culture shaming? … Continue reading

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After This Nonsense

Jonathan Bellman On December 12, the New York Times ran a cover story on Elliot Carter’s one hundredth birthday.  And many happy returns to him; he entered a period of unprecedented productivity at age 90, and has been composing many new … Continue reading

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Another View of the Compositional Landscape

Jonathan Bellman Coincidentally, the very day I posted the blog about Milton Babbitt’s pessimism, the composer John Corigliano visited our campus and offered a very different view. Corigliano, who is in town because the Greeley Philharmonic is performing his Mr. … Continue reading

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The Evolving Compositional Landscape

Jonathan Bellman Recently, much of my time has been devoted to a faculty search for a composer, and so there has been a good deal of talk around here about the future of art music, composition in general, and so … Continue reading

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Another Canon

Jonathan Bellman This is the second weekend of my son’s high school musical. He’s a sophomore, this is his first theatrical experience, and he’s Nibs, one of the Lost Boys in the production of  Peter Pan. While I didn’t know the … Continue reading

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