Billy Joel/Public Musicology Notice

Just a note to alert everyone to the Public Musicology conference that will be held today and tomorrow at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.  One of the goals of conference organizers Ryan Bañagale and Josh Duchan is to reach beyond the cloud of musicological specialists to the general public, and with this in mind they have arranged various ways of interaction.

Note the availability of live streams.  My own paper (come on; like I wasn’t going to be involved at a Billy Joel conference!?) is called “Billy Joel, Piano Culture, and Rock’s Road Not Taken,” and I’ll give it on Saturday morning at 10:00 AM.  Unless plans suddenly materialize for a volume of essays (doubtful, I’d say), my plan is to post the paper, enriched with links, here on our very own Dial M.

Here is the notice, with repaired links—SORRY ABOUT THAT!:

In support of the “public musicology” goals of The Billy Joel Conference at Colorado College, we are pleased to offer a variety of ways to participate in the proceedings from afar.
First, a full program of session and paper titles is available here:
The live streams will be available via our  [and the links will also be available on the program page, above].
We are encouraging people to post, tweet, and Instagram using the hashtag #BillyJoelAtCC
Finally, we will display a live-updating “word cloud” at the conference that compiles personal responses to Billy Joel’s music:

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  1. Aaron says:

    This looks great! Currently all links lead to the UNC Outlook login, instead of to the fb page or the list of events.

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