End of term!

arthur brown

For academics, April truly is the cruelest month. Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. But the term is done … almost. Whoo! I’ll write something soon.

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2 Responses to End of term!

  1. Mr. Ko says:

    Arthur Brown. Yep, it’s a crazy world.
    Did you ever get a chance to check out the Ko Transmissions? Curious as to your impressions. Cheers.

    • philphord says:

      I got the tape! Unfortunately, I don’t have a working cassette deck, so it has been sitting on top of my piano waiting for the appropriate piece of technology to magically appear. I might have to contact facilities or something. I think they got rid of the last cassette players in the music library (though perhaps I’m wrong about that … I should check). It was kind of you to send it to me. I do want to listen to it!

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