“Dig” podcast, plus the inevitable capitulation to Facebook

I have a couple of things to announce. First of all, the New Books in Music podcast has a new episode up, featuring an interview between myself and Jordan Stokes on my book Dig: Sound and Music in Hip Culture. Jordan did a great interview, asking some very sharp questions and making me think (not always successfully).

Second, I am bowing to the inevitable and setting up a Facebook page for Dial M. There’s not much there right now, but come on by! Be a friend!

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3 Responses to “Dig” podcast, plus the inevitable capitulation to Facebook

  1. Ko says:

    Hi Phil, did you receive a cassette of space alien music about a month ago? If not, we can send you another one. We tried emailing, but there was no response… maybe it went to spam?

  2. philphord says:

    Aha, a small mystery solved! I’ve been on sabbatical this semester and my campus mail has been piling up in my absence. Our mailroom person emailed to tell me that a package had arrived from “Outer Space Employment Agency,” which left me a bit puzzled, and I still haven’t been in to pick up my mail. Anyway, thanks for sending it! I will look forward to listening to it. As for your email, yes, I think it must have gone to spam. Sorry, didn’t mean to blow you off.

    • Ko says:

      Ah, that’s good news. By the way, for some reason I’ve had this stuck in my head lately:
      Ramsey Dukes and Daisy Dukes and little lambs eat ivy. A kid’ll eat ivy too. Wouldn’t you?
      One thing I’ve been confused about, in regards to magic, that maybe you could clear up— is that magical perception is experienced through an acausal relationship to time, but the key distinction between magic and art is supposed to be that magic has a distinct purpose… it is for getting a particular result. Going for a particular result implies causality… you do something (cause) to get a result (effect). But in this case the doing is in an acausal realm of associations. It seems that the intention to bring about a particular result doesn’t belong to or in that realm, and would dissolve once entered. It makes me think of lucid dreaming with the intent to stir up a specific element of Jungian symbolism by forcibly (consciously) bringing that element into a dream state. It seems to me it wouldn’t work… the unconscious has its own agenda and isn’t fooled so easily… it would just laugh at you, so to speak. On the other hand, I could be completely wrong. Thoughts?

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