The annals of hipsterism

Phil Ford

Not especially musical, but related to my ongoing obsession with hipsters: the hipster retelling of the Book of Job:

and a little New York Times story from 1944: hipster jive nabs Nazi spies!


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4 Responses to The annals of hipsterism

  1. jonathan says:

    Straight from the fridge, Jim!

  2. ben wolfson says:

    How terrible, to be arrested just for being square.

  3. B says:

    Ha. This vid is hilarious. Check out this, too:

  4. Have you read the hipster kids book Suzuki Beane? If not, you totally need to find a copy and read it (if I’m in Bloomington again some time, I’ll let you read my copy).
    It’s sad that it is so rare — I picked it up with a bag of other stuff for a dollar at a book sale, and only found out that it was out of print when I tried to get a copy for a friend.
    and woah, more weird stuff about it that I hadn’t known:

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