I’m so hip I won’t even eat a square meal

Phil Ford

David Foster Wallace — one of my favorite writers, one of the best modern American writers, someone who proved that there are still people around who want to write the great American novel and might even pull it off — has died. I want to write something fitting about him and don’t have time right now (sorry, posting has been a little light of late, but as Sidney Falco says, I’ve been up to here), so it’ll have to wait. Until then, something funny and charming. By way of David Brent Johnson comes this Bob Clampett cartoon from 1959. It’s something about a boy and his pet sea serpent trying to catch a “wild man” — a beatnik voiced by Lord Buckley. I’ve never been the biggest Lord Buckley fan, but this is just wonderful.



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  1. David Cavlovic says:

    OH Man! Beanie and Cecil! RAGMOP!

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