Openly resist change

Phil Ford

I found myself at a pass today — a pass, like in Lord of the Rings where Frodo and Sam find themselves at times, wondering how to go on and finding their present situation precarious — and decided to consult The Oracle. By which I mean Brian Eno's deck of "Oblique Strategies" cards.

The card that came up: "openly resist change." This seems like advice I don't want to take. But OK, if Brian Eno says so: change, I resist you! Openly!

It feels like Friday but it's only Wednesday. Helen and I have been having that kind of a day. You?


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5 Responses to Openly resist change

  1. David Cavlovic says:

    For all the arguments about sound quality of LP over CD and vice versa, the one art truly lost is the album cover. Thank God for LP Cover Lover!

  2. Jonathan says:

    This is a slightly scary post, Phil–you and Helen have been having a “she used to be my girl” kind of day!? Put us at ease.

  3. Phil Ford says:

    Oh god no, nothing like that. More like an endless series of ankle-biting nuisances — Helen going to the library and finding she had forgotten her card, that sort of thing, only like a million of them. I loved the extreme drama of this one album cover and thought it was funny to juxtapose that to the petty annoyances of the day. Now that you mention it, though, it does sound like I’m hinting darkly at something.
    Thank you, David, for mentioning this site! Or curse you — I have wasted many hours on it this week!

  4. David Cavlovic says:

    There are worse things to waist many hours on, like, say, Shenkerian analysis.

  5. Peter Alexander says:

    Thank you, David! You just gave me the perfect excuse to go back to LP Cover Lover. At least it’s not Schenkerian analysis!

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