A post at the opera, pt. 2

Brent Reidy

In response to a great comment by David Cavlovic, and as a way of (hopefully) lightening the atmosphere after my last post, here is my favorite  Wagner-abridged. As David said, "Lorin Maazel has NOTHING on Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd for condensed Wagner!" Yes, we've all seen this before, but I don't think it ever grows old from repeated viewings.

Thanks, David.

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  1. JaneC says:

    The professor that I T.A.’d for last semester used this cartoon as the basis for one of the term paper topics she offered to the undergrads (watch the cartoon and and a DVD of Die Walküre and discuss how the conventions of Wagnerian opera are parodied). The students really enjoyed that topic.

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