Friday happy song

Phil Ford

My graduate students are handing in their seminar papers today, and are no doubt suffering. And it's the last week of class for a lot of schools (Indiana ends a little early), so there's a whole lot of end-of-term suffering to go around. It's a good time to spread a little cheer, in the form of a song.

I defy you not to love this. (Via American Elf)

Also: check out the cartoonist's homepage, which has a lot of her artwork. She's really good!

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3 Responses to Friday happy song

  1. “I defy you not to love this”
    Mission accomplished.

  2. Rob Norton says:

    Hey, just a quick note to say that I found your blog last night — and I was fascinated by much of the content — it came up in conversation with my partner today, and we had a very trippy “I’d read your blog” “Someone on the TV would talk about something your blog just said” “adam would comment on something on the TV” “I’d look at your blog and what he just said woud be right there.” kind of day. I’ve posted a little about it to my blog, hope you don’t mind!

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